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Hi! I'm Tori, your visual designer. 

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Tori Waner
Owner & Lead Designer

Through my digital designs, I help clients express themselves in creative, authentic, and professional ways that exemplify their unique talents, gifts, and services.

Let's see what we can create together!
A little about me...

I am a Performer, Visual Designer, & Creative Entrepreneur who serves others by creating compelling designs and visual assets that promote your unique value and authentic identity.

With skills in web design, video editing, graphic design, and marketing, my diverse services help you establish a distinct creative place in the world, and connect with others like yourself.

My design process is a collaborative experience. This means I work with you every step of the way to provide assets of which you can be proud. Ready to get started? Let's chat and explore what we can create together. 

A bit more about TWCreations...

I have always sought creative solutions for everyday problems. As a performer, the more I toured internationally, taught empathetically, and connected authentically, I realized I have an innate passion to motivate and encourage other creators and artists to see their potential and present themselves professionally. After a summer of singing in Italy,* I decided to pursue my own entrepreneurial endeavor and therefore started TWCreations.

I have collaborated with professional artists, performing art studios, businesses, and non-profit organizations to help them put their best foot forward with captivating visual designs. I LOVE it. Maybe it's cliche, but I've found my calling - well, one of many. When not designing, I enjoy baking cookies, exploring the outdoors, and performing around the world. *More at

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